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One day I found a Massie William pic on Facebook wearing sleeveless outfits with floral accents. Her bangs looked great with bun hairtail. She also wore red shoes paired with the nice pants. I am not sure what brand she wore on this occasion but she wore the blue ones.

Well, I want something casual and girly so I look for the same item (closely enough) to make some modifications with what Maisie styles. The sleeveless shirts are great and finally, I found the best one.

It is Sea NY’ collection with 3D lace Peplum Top along with Bohemian details. The open lace neckline along with the waist will create a thinner and taller look while you still can look feminine with the accents.

I was trying to copy Maisie’s style but it is difficult to find good blue-navy pants so I opt for the CéDRIC CHARLIER with an asymmetric ruffle-trim skirt. It has the same blue and can be your long lasting item to be combined with other tops.

Actually, I prefer using this outfits without outer. Somehow the weather is colder especially when it is for the evening meeting. So, I try to match it with the Balmain’s blazer which is cool for the all-dark outfit. It is made of cotton along with signature lion-embossed buttons making a smooth layering.

To complete the look, the reds item from Givenchy with shark suede sandals, infinity Saddle leather shoulder bag and also Marni’s earrings.

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3d Lace Peplum TopFloral-lace peplum topBalmain BlazerAsymmetrical Ruffle Skirt (similar item), Facetasm fitted flared skirt (similar skirt), Givenchy Shark Suede SandalsGivenchy Leather Shoulder Bag