Blouse Summer Outfit : Let’s Do The Yellow!

yellow blouse summer outfit 2
Instagram /@shoptobi

Yellow, flower, and nature! What else can that boost your appearance besides color? Our ideas today goes to the yellow. If you want to look young with freedom, then yellow is your choice to shine among the crowd.

The first item comes to this floral printing blouse with yellow color. This catches our attention with its ruffle at the bottom. The sleeves look even cuter as it includes the drawstring sleeve. The long cleavage even makes you sexier.

Then, of course, the second pair is the cut-off shorts with the ripped sign in the back pocket which makes you look more casual. Things getting much easier to do if you can just buy it or cut your denim pants for the style.

Then, it is time to think about the accessories like the wooden strap shoulder bag. The leather look on the strap and some parts of the bag make it look more glamorous. Add also big-round earrings with gold shades to give you a chic look. eye cat sunglasses also not a big mistakes for your summer look during the sunny days. What a perfect combination!

For the footwear, you can use sandals, wedges, sneakers or even heels. It depends on where you go! But we prefer to suggest you with the wedges or sneakers instead.