Casual Campus Outfit For The Winter - Warm and Focus

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The cold of winter weather shouldn’t be a reason to come to the campus haggishly. Some of us just put so many layers into the body and make the fashion to get side-lined. It just needs a brave to dig the wardrobe deeper.

Here we took a lace shoulder women flannel shirt from Full Tilt. It has all-over plaid with front buttons and chest pocket. The material is 100% cotton, no need to worry about the texture. For the coverage, we chose the Kenneth Cole Sisal Faux Fur-Hood Puffer Coat. It has a puffer style which keeps you warm and the hooded design will protect you from the element. For this time, we get the pink puffer coat edition.

Additional recommended item is the Boot-Cut Jean from Miss Me which has a touch of blink in its pocket. And the Toe Boot from Women’s Chloe Qacey Square completes the look as well. The prominent from the zipper and undulating stitching accentuate make this boot more elegant and represent a modern sophistication of an essential block-heel boot from Italy.

In line with the footwear, Women’s Chloe Mercie Medium bag is perfectly matched to the shoe and the coat, even with the shirt as well. It has curvaceous details ornament which brings up modesty and feminine campus outfit.

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