The Casual Turtleneck Sweater Outfit

casual turtleneck sweater outfit 2 outfitspedia

The casual turtleneck sweater outfit now should be the most wanted item in your wardrobe as it functions double as the formal and casual items. Besides, this item is very neutral that you can layer it with everything, or simply pair it with other elements.

There are many ways of pairing the turtleneck. You can combine it with the skirt and try to make layers with some bright colors. At the same time, the turtleneck becomes your most feminine element as you know how to style it properly. Besides, putting a long necklace is a great idea as it can a dramatic focal point.

Another way of styling your casual turtleneck sweater outfit is with the outer, for example, the ruffle cardigan with v-neck. You will also look nicer when you combine it with the light vest as your layers, whether it is a feminine look, or the cargo ones are so OK.

A dramatic look can be resulted by combining the skirt and wear it under the skirt. Well, that’s all up to you actually as long as it matches your taste.

Today, we find a nice look of turtleneck sweater combination. We picked the black turtle sweater and then matched it with the soft pink hotpants. The look is so perfect as we combined it also with white sneakers and sunglasses.