Test Your Layering Skill with These Cozy Cardi Layer Fall Outfit


When it comes to fall, your layering skill is tested. We think this is a bit difficult to implement because most of your items will be oversized and come with an asymmetric cut. Or, you will find many thick outfits which are very tricky to look cool.

Speaking of styles, layer fall outfit is another skill to master. Of course, this has many rules and tricks so you can make your appearance balance from top to toe.

However, the good news is you can combine some type of outfits. For example our pick with this oversized cardigan. The knitwear is the best option for layering project that suits with any kind of pair. Even the white tank top. The v-neck brings a harmony making your style more casual, less bulky and good.

For the bottom part, layer fall outfit doesn’t need specific rules except you make the proportion look catchy. What else if it is not the ripped skinny jeans which are so classic and great for your fall style. You can start your day with less effort without looking so messy. For the footwear ankle boots with the open toes are not comparable as you wear it with the same hues.

To complete your look, simple necklace with gold polish and rectangular sunglasses are something!