Floral Maxi Skirt With Neutral Leather Jacket Spring Outfit outfitspedia

Outfit by martina-cciv

Nude pink is pretty popular these days. It inspires not only Apple or MAC, but also Stuart Weitzman to create a nude ankle strapped leather sandals. As you can see, the nude also appears in the turtleneck top which is great, because it looks feminine and pretty. To complete the nude color, it is suggested to wear feather earrings made by Serefina. Since it is feather, it becomes very light. Nude with nude, the result is amazing when nude pink meets nude light-brown. The Rotita Khaki Faux Leather jacket and handbag from INZI strengthen the feminine point. To give a little color to it, Miss Selfridge Floral Print skirt offers various color schemes of flower on its surface.