Floral Wrap Top Boyfriend Jeans Summer Outfit

boyfriend jeans summer outfit
Instagram /@lulus

For you who loves the cute-messy look, the boyfriend jeans seem to be a great idea. It brings the slouchy look without fearing messy style. It always looks good with any kind of top. This is why boyfriend jeans summer outfit today becomes so popular among women.

However, for petite women, finding the perfect one can be like looking for a needle in the haystack. But don’t worry! Petite boyfriend jeans are available. So, thanks to the fashion trend that provide the things we need. We want it so bad!

So, our boyfriend jeans summer outfit here got a great pair with the floral-red blouse with the long cleavage. A nice accent is added around the waist with the ruffle attached with the drawstring to give you long legs look. Besides, the ruffles are also put around the sleeves with length around the elbow making you have a great move.

Simple accessories like flat sandals with wooden accents along with the rotten bag will match with your style. Also, a long necklace in the gold shade with round pendant is perfect!

Having a petite body doesn’t mean you have to wear shorts always, but when you know how to choose, boyfriend jeans can be your perfect attire for the summer day!