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It’s back! Knee boots is on again. The boots was made in 15th century and originally was used as a man’s riding boots. But, the latest knee boots launches by Gucci Maud is definitely women’s catwalk boots. How so, the leather and cutting create a trendy look that fits this era perfectly. The boots would be a great match for skinny jeans, especially from high rise. The 70% cotton allows you to move around comfortably. If you love showing off your silhouette, this jean is definitely the one that you are looking for. The feminine and chic looks would be perfect if you combine it with the convenient Rosie jumper. The looks give you more opportunity to explore your style.

To look more casual or informal, just roll up the jumper. Pocket detail accentuates your simple appearance. Upgrade your styles to more formal appearance with blazer from Annaritan. The cutting of the blazer signifies maturity and independency. The snap button, single breasted, long sleeves, as well as lapel collar bring back the classic and brilliant style. The final touch should definitely describe womanly feelings. That’s why a shoulder bag from Bluberry is highly significant.  This bag can be stretched out and tuck as well. The bag is totally adaptable and suits you at any given time. Well, give it a try!