Red Striped Cable Knit Patterned Cardigan Casual Fall Winter Outfit outfitspediaOutfit by 

An argyle pattern has always been there in the fashion world. It is a stunning and vibrant pattern to bring another layer to the outfit. Look at the picture and you will notice how beautiful the red cardigan sweater with argyle pattern is. It has the soft red color with stripped accent on the long collar. It will be great to be worn in many occasions including during the cold time to keep you warm. The sweater is knitted so that it is thicker and more comfortable to wear. The pattern is also very obvious so that you can create beautiful contrast with the other parts of the outfit easily.

Match the argyle sweater with a high neck knitwear. Choose the knitwear in lighter color such as white to enhance the contrast between the argyle sweater and the slim knitwear. The look will be complete with a pair of long jeans with wide end. It will be great to add sporty high boots on your foot. For the accessories a leather tote bag in the same color as the argyle sweater will be a great touch. You can always complete the look with necklace and jewelry to make it more stunning. However, a headgear such as hat can be great as well.