Cute Ruffle Tank Top, Short Jeans and Woven Bag Outfit

mustard ruffle top with woven bag outfit 2
Instagram /@stacie.lamothe

The summer always becomes the most exciting thing. It is not only showing your beautiful skin, but also the outfits of course! It is more colorful and more expressive. And surely you can wear what you want! And, the woven bag outfit should not be forgotten as well.

One of our favorite item during summer is this cute ruffle tank top. The ruffle-sleeveless top with natural color matches well with the ripped denim. It is much better if you choose the short shorts. Walking on the beach with sunglasses would be very interesting. You will look so chic and casual at the same time.

We opt for the woven bag outfit because this blends well with the season and matches to any kind of skin tone. To complete your look, try the round-blue chaplet earrings. It is so refreshing and adds more color to your face. The last is a pair of white sandals which is so convenience.

You can also pair your woven bag outfit with chambray and another long denim pants. Never hesitated to play colors and pattern. Summer is a colorful season that you can put everything in your body. Just be sure to keep everything balanced and proportional.