Sea Green Wool Crepe Jacket With Printed Top Work Outfit outfitspediaOutfit by 

The combination between black pencil skirt and printed top is just classic. It is the number one choice for women as the work outfit. Pencil skirt, knee-length or shorter, is always capable to produce the perfect silhouette for any women. As for printed top, it is a new trend but it has allowed us to bring more vibrant color and pattern to the daily style. Look at the picture above and see how the combination between an amazing black leaf crepe skirt with a black top with a touch of turquoise color and zipper could be so incredibly attractive. The top is not too tight so that it will create a great contrast with the skirt. However, the remaining accessories will make it all works.

The look is looking so stunning with the help of a turquoise wool crepe jacket that adds more formal look to the outfit. Wear a pair of leather suede pump shoes with turquoise color as well to match the entire outfit. As for the accessories, a plume collar, leather bag, and sunglasses can do the trick. It will be great style to go to many formal occasions such as office meetings, client meetings, parents meeting at school, and so on.