Short Jeans Outfit : This Is How Shorts Can Make You Look More Energetic

stripe crop top with short jeans outfit
Instagram /@shoptobi

Wearing shorts is absolutely cool. You look young, energetic and of course, you can show your body shape. But the thing is how to match it so you will not look messy like a drunk girl on the street?

Our main rule here is the shorts are perfect to combine. With everything! You can combine it with the boho tops, tank tops, blouses, t-shirts or some sleeveless mini dress.

So, to help you get in the look, we recommend you some excellent type of outfits. First, we begin with the denim cut-off shorts. This kind of shorts are available in many kinds of fashion store or you can simply make it by yourself with your old pants. It still looks good as long as you know how to cut it off.

Then, the best pair for your shorts is the stripe crop top in the sleeveless model. The best part is you can pick a crop top with the ruffle at the bottom and a nice strap for your shoulders. For a beach session or hanging out? This pair is unbeatable.

Next, our suggestion goes to the footwear. You simply can use anything, from sneakers, heels or even the flat lay shoes. This can be your fashion statement when you pick the color that blends well with the outfits. The brown color for example.

For some accessories, your style is not complete with the round sunglasses and also big round earrings in copper tone. This is absolutely fantastic! What do you think?