How To Play Game With Stripe Colorful Sweater Fall Outfit

stripe sweater fall outfit 2
Instagram /@twentiesgirlstyle

So, everyone here is stuck on the rule of style that certain items should be worn with certain items. Hey! Fashion is growing and we don’t need that rules to look cool. Break it and you will find how interesting it is. For example our try with the sweater fall outfit.

It is time to play the sweater games that you can pair it with fall outfit. Believe me! You will find it very chic and cool.

Take a sweater with bright color combinations like we found in the picture; pink, white, brown and green. The thing is this kind of sweater model will make you look fresh during the snowy season.

You can pair this sweater with the long ripped jeans. Pick skinny pants and wear it as usual. You can boost your look by tuck it in. Especially if you are petite. A high waist ripped jeans with a sweater is a thing. You can look taller than you realize.

Next, your item should be an accessory. For example, the grey strap bag with diagonal pattern can bring your appearance into another level. Also, complete your look with the flat shoes that are beautified with sparkling stones. Wearing a beret is a perfect idea!