Stripes Blouse with Trench Coat Outfit

Stripe Blouse with Trench Coat Outfit

So winter is coming and it is time to wear your trench coat outfit! This must be the first thing that comes to your mind, right? The trench coats are the most pickable item that you can combine with everything. Of course, you will need a sturdy and functional selection, especially if you pair it with the classic trench coat.

Wearing trench coats during the cold weather is indeed helpful due to its waterproof and adjustability features, also its timeless look.

Today we pick the traditional coat and some interesting items for your daily style. So, we combine it with the striped black and white top. The short sleeves and ribbon accents accentuate the khaki hue of the coat.

Meanwhile, for the bottom part, we use jeans to make it more casual. Also, a pair of leather ankle boots will boost the overall look. In short, wearing trench coat outfit can be seasonal refresh. Especially if it is for the fall season that the trench coat will be your everyday look.

Some accessories like a pair of teardrop earrings and a strap bag can be the best complements. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses!

So, are you ready to be the attention?