Sweater Dress with Over The Knee Boots Winter Outfit

sweater dress with over the knee boots winter outfit 2 outfitspedia

Wearing over the knee boots winter outfit is the most common thing because of its versatile feature for any kind of outfit. During the fall or winter, you can use it as your layer that adds warmth. It is an effortless way to have such a chic look during the cold weather.

In fact in the world of style, the over-the-knee is the most intimidating. It is not only about the color of your boots, but also the material. Hence there are a number of dos and don’ts you have to remember.

Most experts suggest wearing a clothing type that covers up your body in one way. For example the high neckline, sleeves or maxi hemline. You can also play with the coat if you want the emphasize the boots. Also, you have to know that there is a good look if you let the skin showed over five-inch. Then, make sure your boots are not too loose or too tight.

Our top picks today are the over the knee boots from suede and a shirt dress in dark green which is great to cover your body until your laps. We complete the look with the same hues scarf that will connect your boots color so it looks balanced.