Wide Leg Pants Outfit With Crop Top For Summer

wide leg pants outfit with crop top 2
Instagram /@shoptobi

So, who loves wide leg pants outfit? Well, this item never gets old and always catches every girl attention. For working attire, casual style, even a party. Wide-Leg pants always make a nice compliment.

However, there is another problem you probably have if you are petite. This item seems a bit disaster as the wide leg pants will make you even shorter and small. So, here is a good tip how to wear it like a fashion pro.

Combine it with the crop top

Our choice for wide leg pants to petite women is the cold strap crop top. The ribbon accent on the chest will give a focal point and move the eyes to it instead of your height. This accent also makes your body fuller and emphasizes your body shape as well.

Choose The Stripe Pattern

A tripe pattern will create an illusion that your body will be taller. The black and white stripe matches well with the crop-top.

Or, you can choose the high waisted wide leg pants outfit to make your leg looks longer. Fit it with the cop top is an excellent choice.

Last, of course, you should go with the accessories like heels to make you look taller. If you like, flat shoes or sandals instead, a high waist crop top with super wide leg pants are a wise choice.